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Pre-cut Picture Window Mounts

Buying pre-cut picture/photo window mounts will save time, money (no wastage) and improve quality as our window mounts are precision guillotine trimmed and have computer controlled machine cut windows. In each case the windows are centrally positioned and border all round for mounting.

We offer a variety of colours and popular pre-cut sizes including 12x10", 16x12" and 500x400mm.

Photos on this site are a representation of colours available. Actual colours may vary. Free colour swatch available
Pre-cut 500x400mm Picture/Photo Window Mounts
500x400mm mount with centrally positioned windows to fit either an A3 or an A4 image. Standard size for camera club members.
Pre-cut 16x12 Picture Window Mounts
16x12" mount with centrally positioned window to fit an A4 image, 190x280mm actual size.
Pre-cut 12x10 Picture Window Mounts
12x10" mount with central window to fit a 7x5" image, 172x121mm actual size.
Photo Print and Mount Kits
Paper Spectrum 'Print and Mount Kits' include Window Mount, Backing Board and Paper to print your own photos or artwork and mount them in an attractive window mount.
Pre-cut Backing Board
Grey Board, White/Cream or Self Adhesive Backing Boards
Clear Re-sealable Bags / Protective Sleeves
Crystal clear re-sealable 30mic film bags/sleeves to protect your work
Smart Bag for carrying 500x400mm Mounted Prints
This strong art bag for packing, storing, protecting and transporting artwork and mounted prints
REDUCED TO CLEAR A4 Window Mount Black/White Core with Image & Title Block Apertures
A4 with two apertures, one for your image and one for a title or text.
pinnacle fine art paper
pinnacle photo paper
greeting cards