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Pinnacle Fine Art Inkjet Printing Paper

This well thought out range of premium quality Fine Art and Baryta papers offer superb quality print performance. Available in usual 25 sheet packs and rolls, a full sample pack and NEW 5 sheet tester (mini) pack.

You can make very healthy savings buying Pinnacle, especially compared to the equivalent Hahnemuhle grade.
An excellent example of this would be Pinnacle Cotton Rag 310gsm v Hahnemuhle Photo Rag 308gsm. They are both fully archival, 100% cotton/rag fibre papers with low levels of optical brighteners which produce an almost identical shade of white and have a very lightly textured surface, however the Pinnacle grade is 30% less expensive (based on online prices on this site).


NEW Fine Art Mini Pack 5 Sheets
5 sheet tester packs, unlabelled.
£5.15 Inc VAT
Fine Art Sample Pack
Nine different types paper, two sheets of each, labelled on reverse.
£15.59 Inc VAT
Pinnacle Cotton RAG 310gsm
Premium 100% cotton rag inkjet giclee paper with a white smooth velvet texture, a beautiful traditional look and feel.
£25.06 Inc VAT
Pinnacle Smooth Fine Art 310gsm
100% cotton smooth fine art inkjet giclee paper with a natural white shade, fine velvet surface and luxurious feel.
£25.06 Inc VAT
Pinnacle Antique Fine Art 210gsm
Natural white art paper with a lightly textured surface 210gsm. Fantastic value fine art inkjet and giclee paper.
£17.15 Inc VAT
Pinnacle Fibre MATTE 300gsm
Ultra-smooth surface and brilliant white fine art giclee inkjet paper. Based on the traditional fibre based material used in conventional photography.
£19.79 Inc VAT
Pinnacle ETCHING 310gsm
Lightly structured, soft-textured surface, equivalent to a traditional etching, or watercolour paper. Suitable for high quality inkjet giclee printing.
£21.59 Inc VAT
Pinnacle WaterCOLOUR Fine Art 245gsm
High white textured surface. Designed to give the impression of a tradition watercolour print.
£17.15 Inc VAT
Pinnacle Velvet Fine ART inkjet paper 275gsm
Textured natural white paper for Fine art inkjet printing.
£22.43 Inc VAT
Pinnacle Photo Fine ART inkjet Paper 275gsm
Bright white lightly textured fine art inkjet paper perfect for photographic reproduction.
£22.43 Inc VAT
Pinnacle Double Sided Antique Fine Art 220gsm
Two-sided Fine Art inkjet giclee paper 220gsm.
£23.99 Inc VAT
Pinnacle Premium RAG 310gsm
The ultimate paper for fine art and photographic inkjet printing.
£29.98 Inc VAT
Pinnacle Textured Fine ART 310gsm
Textured fine art paper with a natural white shade and the attractive watercolour finish.
£92.39 Inc VAT
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