Meet our Partners

Introducing a selection of Paper Spectrum partners. Established photographers, whom we are delighted to sponsor.



Favourite Pinnacle Papers: Current favourite for monochrome work is Pinnacle Premium Fine Art Baryta 350Pinnacle Premium Textured Rag 310 is great for more creative style images.

Adrian first became interested in photography after buying a digital bridge camera in 2006. He quickly moved on to his first DSLR and joined a local Photographic Society. After twelve months of perfecting the craft, Adrian started to have some minor success at club level which quickly led to national competitions, medals and blue badges in major salons.

He joined Chorley Photographic Society in 2012 helping the club to regularly appear in the top 10 in the FIAP World Cup and reached the finals of both national Digital and Print Inter-Club Championships in recent years.

Adrian is interested in 'pictorialism', the concept of photography as an art form, photoshop and developing a strong post-creative, 'alternative reality' style of imagery. However, in recent years, after having the opportunity to travel, his favourite genre has changed and travel photography is his new passion.

Adrian is heavily involved in promoting club photography and printing and is the General Secretary of both his local federation and the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain. He also writes bespoke web applications for club and image management. Adrians ultimate goal is to produce images with a strong narrative that people are entertained by.

Website: https://www.flickr.com/photos/adrianlines/

Free competition management for clubs: https://success.clubsoftware.org  

Free competition image management for individuals: https://cimgr.com


Andrea Hargreaves FIPF MPAGB BPE4 EFIAP/bronze

Favourite Pinnacle Papers: Pinnacle Premium Silk Baryta 310 and Pinnacle Premium Fine Art Baryta 350. New favourite paper is the Pinnacle Cotton Rag Bright White 310

Andrea is a member of Pontefract Camera Club and is an active member of the Yorkshire Photographic Union executive committee as the PAGB Awards Secretary and coordinating their mentoring scheme for members wishing to take PAGB Awards for Photographic Merit.

Since joining her first camera club in 2010, Andrea has achieved the MPAGB (Master Photographic Alliance of Great Britain) in 2018, EFIAP/bronze (Excellence Federation Internationale Artiste Photographique ), BPE3 ( British Photographic Exhibitions crowns) and PSA 4 * (Photographic Society of America) distinctions for photographic works. Andrea has exhibited her prints and digital artworks Internationally and Nationally throughout the UK and has had work published in Yorkshire Life magazine, Amateur Photographer magazine, RPS Digit magazine and is currently sponsored by Paper Spectrum. 

If you wish to book Andrea for a lecture, you can contact her at the contact section of her website.

Website https://www.andreahargreaves.art/



An award-winning photographer with a distinct style of image which packs a punch and emphasises the subject. After leaving full-time employment in 2015 he joined a local camera club and has never looked back: "The club structure in the UK is a wonderful resource for anyone looking to develop their photography - the help and encouragement I've received has been outstanding."

He unashamedly describes himself as a competition photographer and his images are produced with the necessary impact needed to create an immediate impression with judges - this has brought him success in numerous national and international competitions. However, his greatest love is underwater photography and it's a passion that's taken him all around the world photographing the amazing creatures that swim in our oceans.

Website https://www.davidkeepphotography.co.uk/

Lectures https://www.davidkeepphotography.co.uk/lecture-dates


Gary Langley 

Favourite Pinnacle Papers: Pinnacle Watercolour 245, both the Barytas - Pinnacle Premium Silk Baryta 310 & Pinnacle Premium FineArt Bartya 350 and Pinnacle Cotton Rag Bright White 310  

Gary photographs most things including landscape, wildlife, portraits, architecture and tends to print everything, all his talks are print based. He is also a big fan of Paper Spectrum Backing Boards, Tapes, and Mount Boards. In fact when it comes to printing and print finishing Gary says that Paper Spectrum is his one stop shop!

He believes the image is not complete until its been printed out for display and gets almost as much satisfaction from printing his images as he does taking them. In recent times he has been asked to present his talks via zoom, and while he has been doing a few of these, still think the images are best displayed as prints.

Gary has been a member of a N&EMPF club since 2006 and enjoy participation in most of the clubs activities.


Keith Sharples CPAGB BPE3

Keith started photography about 45 years ago and trained professionally for weddings and portraits with a studio in Gloucester in the late 70s. 

He changed careers soon after children came along however on the amateur side was still doing photography and joined Gloucester Camera club. After moving to Ross on Wye, around 2000, he joined Ross on Wye Photographic Society and within the first year was chair which lasted for 10 years.  In 2006 he moved to Monmouth and went back into Photography professionally. He had his own studio doing weddings, portraits and commercial work. During this period he also joined Monmouth Photographic Club where he is now the Competition Secretary.

About two and a half years ago he retired professionally but is still a member of Ross and Monmouth clubs. Over the last 6 years he's been judging and lecturing and is listed in the PAGB hand book, Midland counties (MCPF) handbook and The Welsh Photographic Federation. He has judged and lectured in South and Mid Wales, South and Mid Midlands and Somerset areas and has gained a CPAGB and BPE3*.

Within the clubs he is a member of, he runs Project groups, discussion groups, workshops, studio portrait sessions and also ran a 6 month photography "Tuition Group" in Monmouth. Since retiring he does not have a web site, which may change during this year. 


Marilyn Steward ARPS DPAGB BPE4* EFIAP/b

Favourite Pinnacle Papers: Premium Fine Art Baryta 350 and Pinnacle Etching 310

Marilyn enjoys capturing a moment in time. Sport, nature, getting the right light/mood in a landscape and capturing a magic moment when travelling all interest her. Having been a competitive swimmer herself, it was a natural progression to photograph her sport when she stopped competing. She believes that having a full understanding of a sport really helps in achieving good action images.

She has been lecturing and judging at camera clubs in North London and the surrounding counties since 2003 which was also when she began to obtain her photographic awards and distinctions.

Website https://marilynstewardphotos.co.uk

Lectures https://marilynstewardphotos.co.uk/mylectures



Favourite Pinnacle Papers: Pinnacle Premium Silk Baryta 310 Pinnacle Premium Fine Art Bartya 350Pinnacle Premium Lustre 300 for lecture prints.

Paul is a member of both Arden Photo Group and Smethwick Photographic societies. He started photography in 2010, quickly enjoying club photography and in 2013 started to actively enter both UK and international competitions. He has been fortunate enough to have photographed some of the UK’s most prestigious athletic and gymnastic events whilst also enjoying travel photography and documenting people and cultures as far as India, Georgia and Romania to date.

Web site http://www.paulhassell.co.uk/

For lectures email h4sse@talktalk.net

Instagram ha55ellhoff



A Belfast based studio photographer, and a popular speaker and judge on the camera club circuit in the UK and Ireland. His presentations are always print based, with a large selection of exhibition prints, all mounted using Paper Spectrum pre-cut window mounts and self-adhesive backing boards.

Ross was awarded No.1 exhibitor in the World for large monochrome prints by the Photographic Society of America in both 2017 and 2018, and was recently made Master of FIAP for a superb panel of 20 monochrome fine art nudes. Ross sits on the assessors panel for Distinctions for the Irish Photographic Federation, and is also a PAGB National Judge for the Awards for Photographic Merit.

If you wish to book Ross for a talk, you can contact him at the contact section of his website.

Website https://www.rossmckelvey.co.uk/



Favourite Pinnacle Paper: Pinnacle Premium Lustre 300

Tim is well known for his images of nudes in the landscape; in partnership with some intrepid and hard-working models he captures their beauty in a wide variety of stunning natural and man-made locations.

He is a passionate print worker, always encouraging photographers to print more of their images at his popular all-print talks to camera clubs.

He is a member, and past president, of Smethwick Photographic Society, and also a member of the London Salon of Photography.

Website http://timpile.co.uk/

Lectures http://timpile.co.uk/photography-talks/


Tony Thomas EFIAP

Favourite Pinnacle Papers: Pinnacle Premium Fine Art Baryta 350 and Pinnacle Cotton Rag 310. Tony finds Fine Art Baryta 350 works superbly for monochrome and also for colour, it's his 'go to' paper. He feels a photograph is not finished until he has a print in his hand.

Tony is a member of Wrekin Arts photographic club where he is programme secretary and treasurer. He is also a member of the Eyecon group, which is a discussion group by invitation only. Tony is happiest doing landscape photography but will try his hand at most other subjects. He is available for lectures and judging.

Website http://tonythomasphotography.com/ & https://www.cretepics.com/

Jonathan Vaines

Favourite Pinnacle Papers: Pinnacle Premium Semi-Gloss Baryta 290 and Pinnacle Cotton Rag Bright White 310

Jonathan took his first photograph in 2011 and joined a Camera Club in 2012. His newfound hobby soon turned into a significant part of his life, a part he believes helps maintain a healthy wellbeing and provides a creative release. He has had many successful image acknowledgements and is a London Salon medal winner. He holds committee roles within the PAGB East Anglian Federation and the Royal Photographic Society as well as at his club. Now retired, he teaches Photoshop in both group and one to one sessions via video conferencing along with face-to-face camera craft sessions. He runs processing workshops for the Royal Photographic Society, is a circuit judge and lecturer.

'The coast is my passion but I am happy wandering through a city centre too. The majority of my photographic time is spent thinking about it. Time planning the outcome and visualising the print before pressing the shutter release is time well spent. Recording what the eye sees is not an option in my work. I use the camera to create, paint and even manipulate an image using a number of in-camera techniques. I describe my eye as Visual Art and my product Wall Art, often abstracts or a twist on real life. I frequently work with images in groups, sets or panels. With every image produced, my aim is to convey the feeling I experienced at the time of taking and offer an opportunity for the viewer to see the subject in a different way. It’s not a quick process and I am far from prolific. Every image is important, and it is my belief that an image only exists when in print, so holding the paper fresh off the printer is a key part of an enjoyable journey I call My Photography.”


Website: https://blueroomphoto.site123.me