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ICC Colour Profiles

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Why use ICC Colour Profiles?

Provided that you use your manufacturers paper and inks the likelihood is that you will achieve reasonably accurate colour output from your printer. However, because the manufacturer has to build in certain tolerances your prints are going to be on the safe side of what the printer could produce, rather than optimising the print quality. Your paper options would also be limited to those of the manufacturer, which are almost certainly inflated in price and deny the opportunity to use the full variety and possibly better products available.
In order to achieve accurate colour from your ink-jet printer on our paper we offer profiles in two forms.

1.Generic Profiles
Generic profiles are designed to offer good accurate colour reproduction on our papers and will generally improve upon the quality offered by the manufacturers' printer settings alone. However, because of the manufactures manufacturing tolerances there will be small differences between machines, even of the same model. Therefore the profile is unlikely to fully maximise the colour potential of your printer and to do this you would need a bespoke custom profile.

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Why use a custom profile?

The number and variety of generic profiles we offer is in a constant process of renewal as new models become available and because of the huge variety we may not have generic profiles for your particular printer, in which case we can offer you a custom profile.
Bespoke custom profiles are profiles which are specific to your printer, its inks and a particular paper. They are designed to fully maximise the colour potential of your printer by offering better colour accuracy and maximising the colour gamut so that you get the best from your printer, paper and ink combination. A separate profile would be needed for each paper you are using.

We offer FREE CUSTOM PROFILES for customers who have bought our paper and have the time and knowledge to print out the charts and send them to us.

We also offer a CHARGED FOR REMOTE SERVICE £25 inc VAT which a hassle free option where we take control of your computor and print out the charts and install the profile for you.

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